My First Piercing

What’s up everybody!! Alright so I have multiple piercings but today I am going to talk about my first piercing (besides my ears). When I was 15 years old I wanted to get my belly button pierced. I asked my mother and she said no. So just like the post before about my tattoo I had to persuade her into letting me get it.

So I told her, like most girls do, that it is easily covered up and so many people have them now that they aren’t really that big of a deal to see anymore. She thought about it for a few weeks and with a lot of nagging from me she eventually caved in. So we went to the mall and there was a piercing shop there called Fadz. The guy there was very friendly and he was very professional. So my mom had to sign some papers because I was a minor. After all was said and done the long walk to the back room started.Β a6f3046784d0cc44fdf6513f2a303ee1

Ya know that walk when you was originally all pumped and then S!@# got real so then you start getting scared. Yea that walk. The hallway may have been only a couple of feet but at that moment it felt way longer. The lighting for some reason went from bright and easy on the eyes to dark and almost flickering. Haha okay maybe not flickering but things got scary.

As we are walking to the room (like I said it felt like that walk took forever) I start to do that thing where you are mentally trying to prepare yourself/talk yourself out of it. So I’m thinking: “Maybe I don’t really need it?”, “Well I can’t turn back now, especially after all that begging I did.”, ” Mom might understand though?”, “No she will just get frustrated and never let me talk her into anything like this again.” and anything else you could think of was going through my head lol.

Once we reached the end of that long ass hallway *slaps knee while laughing* he opens the door and I sit in the big black chair. Then I hear a familiar voice coming from the hallway. It was my mom’s voice telling me that she was watching from the TV in the store. The guy chuckles and says they have a camera that shows other customers what is going on the room. ( There is a document you have to sign showing that you give them permission to show your experience live with the costumers. If you do not want that and you don’t sign it then they shut it off and turn the TV off in the store. My mother on the other hand wanted to be able to watch.) So now I’m thinking “You better not cry or they all will see it!” Then my mom says: “You better not cry or we’ll see it haha!” (lol gotta love that woman)

So he gets all the stuff out and he is preparing everything. He puts the dot and the clamp and then says he is gonna count to three. I hear: ” one……………two” and then I feel the pinch. I looked straight at him and said you told me three. He chuckled and said that its better to do it when the person doesn’t expect it so they don’t move. I could hear everyone out by the counter laughing. After he gets the ring in there he walks me back out the counter with my mom. She pays and we leave.

To this day I still have my belly button pierced. Even though I don’t really notice it anymore I am glad that I still have it. I will say that it definitely is a good first piercing for a girl. The area isn’t all that sensitive. Plus you don’t hit it as much as you would anything else.

Picture is from today (5/1/17). Yes I wear PJs on my days off haha don’t judge.

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