♪Let’s talk about dreads baby, I found that they aren’t for me ♪

Haha but yes I tried having dreadlocks. I bought the synthetic hair because my goal was to attempt them with out hurting or ruining my natural hair. I was wrong or I did them wrong. Either way this will be about my attempt at dreadlocks that ended in a fail.

So first off there are so many choices. I am only going to talk about my choices. I chose kanekalon hair. I got mine from amazon and I chose a pink color. Now I bought two packs of it but that all depends on your length, thickness and how much hair you have. I had half my head shaved and my hair is thick and curly so I bought 2 to be safe. Could have actually bought three and used all of it.

I chose to do the twist and seal technique to make the double ended dreads.  This technique was easier and didn’t take as long. So the total process took me about 3 days but that is with breaks in between for work, sleep, etc. lol

this was during day 2

After they were all done on day 3 we put them in. We meaning my husband and I because I couldn’t do it by myself. We installed them by taking the middle and putting in at the base of the strand of hair and braiding one side of the dread into my hair and rubber banding it in place.

these were what they looked like before we installed them

The installation process took about an hour maybe an hour and a half to do. My head hurt so bad from all the pulling. I still remember the head ache because we started to watch Judge Dredd (if you haven’t seen it you should) and we had to turn it off and turn off the lights until I fell asleep. the next day my head still hurt but it was way more tolerable.

So this was the first official day of having dreadlocks

As you see above I felt pretty proud of them. They made me feel like a whole new person for some reason. I was constantly playing with them. When I went back to work everybody wanted to touch them. lol To me that was funny but I did let them touch’em. They asked are they real? Are they heavy? What if they stink? How are you gonna wash your hair? Haha well let me answer all these for yea real quick in case you was wondering yourself.

“Were they real?” No they weren’t. I just told you that come on keep up haha.

“Were they heavy?” Yes they were. But they weren’t as heavy as I thought they would be. Like I said I had half a head of hair so with them in it felt like I had a normal (my normal) full head of hair, as far as weight goes.

“What if they stink?” Wait…What?….Why would they stink? Haha well I guess real hair could get a smell but mine were synthetic so they didn’t hold an odor at all.

“How are you gonna wash your hair?” Now this one was tricky for me. I did some searching and I found a video on YouTube that helped me with figuring it out called How I Wash Synthetic Dreads. But let it be known that YES you still need to wash them lol.

So about the sixth day my head started to really itch. Also having naturally curly hair I started to get fly aways and the top of my head looked really poofy. I ended up buying a head wrap to cover it up. It didn’t look bad.

I bought that wrap at Walmart for like $5

So on the tenth day of having them I was at work. My head was itching super bad. I was having a headache from all the irritation and weight. I decided maybe ten days was good for my first go around. When I got home that night I took them out. No issues they came out with ease and they held together pretty good. My hair natural hair looked so oily but haha it was also very curly. I snapped a couple of pictures before I hopped into the shower.

I could have tried out for the next Annie lol

So this is where everything got scary. As I was enjoying the warm water reaching through all my hair and getting all over my scalp I tried to run my fingers through my hair but it was so matted….yea matted, that I couldn’t. I grabbed the shampoo and put that in my hair, oh it felt soo nice. Rinsed it out and noticed a little bit of hair came out, about normal, or so I thought. Then I put conditioner in my hair and let it sit for a little bit fully moisturize the areas that hadn’t seen light or anything in 10 days. When I rinsed it out, there was so much hair that came out. Now it wasn’t handfuls but still it was a lot more than I expected. It was enough to turn my thick hair into thin hair. When I got out of the shower and let my hair dry I noticed how thin it had became. I would be lying if I said it make me worry just a little bit. But like most things with me, I found the positive in it.

Now what positive could I have found in that? Well my hair was thinner, I have never had thin hair so I got to see how that felt. I didn’t break hair ties every time I turned around. I stopped having headaches for the weight of my pony tail. I even stopped using conditioner for awhile because I didn’t need it.

After all said and done I can’t really say that I would never do it again. But I can say that it will not be any time soon. I’m glad that I did it. Just to be able to check that off my list is pretty awesome. I hope that if there is anything that you all are wanting to do, you do it, because even if it turns into a fail like mine did at least you can say you did it! And nobody can take that away from you 🙂

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