You left a few days ago and I was happy for you because you were going home, but deep down I felt alone.

Because I wanted to spend time with you before you left me, but instead I ran off and acted like I was busy.

But I wasn’t and I regret it, please say that you didn’t think anything of it.

Now we have scheduled days to see each other, and it feels so wrong to do that with your mother.

The woman who gave me birth, the one that put me on this earth.

She went through pain to present me to my father, then they both looked down and cherished their daughter.

But it doesn’t matter now, and I’ll tell you how.

I grew up, I’m not daddy’s little girl or mommy’s baby girl.

I’m a teenager and my feelings are all bunched up and I can’t stand up I’m to dizzy, MOM come rescue me.

I feel alone but I don’t understand why, I have friends, I live with my grandparents, and I have a wonderful partner that no one can replace. But I still miss your face.

I miss the fights and the laughs we shared, I wonder if you know that I still care?

So now I sit at home, wondering if you ever feel alone. ©

Please do not copy my poems without permission as they are originals.

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