My first tattoo ♥


I am sure a lot of people are going to cringe at this one lol. I was 16 years old whenever I got my first tattoo. I had spent months trying to talk my mother into letting me get one. You see my little bro (yes my younger brother who at the time was 14 years old) had went and got one by a friend of a friend of a friend….without permission. My mother was furious at that, especially since he lived with my dad, and she felt he (my dad) should have stopped him. Anyways, so I used that as one of my arguing points. Younger me: ” Mom at least I am asking for your permission and willing to give you full control of the situation, instead of going behind your back like ?????(<- bleeping out names) did.” My mother: “Well if you can find one that I approve of…maybe.”  So ladies and gents I went searching for a tattoo that I thought my mother would approve of and a spot where I thought she would approve of. So I came across the one you see above except instead of a heart it had some other symbol in the middle. My mother didn’t like the other symbol so she decided on a heart because it was cute. She was okay with the location because it could be covered up easily and wasn’t really a provocative location.  She wanted me to go to an artist she had gone to, so we set up the appointment. When we got there the original artist that was suppose to do mine had left for his wife was in labor so we ended up with some other guy. Now I didn’t get to see it until it was complete. My mom made all the decisions as far as color, if it was centered, how it looked once drawn up,etc. I was more excited that I was finally getting one.

After the session was done I was super excited to see it. I believe I was shaking with excitement lol. I loved it! I did not take care of it very well, I actually did almost all the things your not suppose to do. I went tanning, which is a big no, no. I wore tight fitting pants which rubbed the heck out of it. I even scratched it when it itched. I know, I know lol that’s plain awful right? lol How many of you have knots in your stomach now lol. It was an experience that I do not regret and one that I did learn from. Hopefully ,if you are reading this and you haven’t gotten a tattoo yet, you will learn from my mistakes. I don’t think it looks horrible now but it definitely doesn’t look as good as it should. Which I fully take the blame on this.

One last thing everyone,

“Don’t blame the artist for your bad aftercare or your lack of attentiveness. Any licensed professional will give you plenty of opportunities to analyze the tattoo before they start. Take those times to actually look and I mean really look at it before you give them the okay. Also after the tattoo is done make sure you talk to your artist about proper after care if you are not fully educated on the matter. This will help your tattoos healing process a great deal.”

Hope you all have an awesome day!

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