Undercut/Shaved sides!!

So let’s talk hair. I use to have long hair. My hair naturally is curly and thick. So for any of you out there that have that combination knows how bad it can make your head hurt. Like, I remember days when my hair…YES I said hair…would hurt from having to have had it in a pony tail/ messy bun. It was a never-ending cycle of when it’s down it’s hot and in the way, but when it’s up its heavy and causes headaches. So one day back in 2014 I 193decided I was going to shave half of my head. I chose the left side of my head. (the pic is flipped to show you). But as you see in the picture I kept all the length ( I also straighten my hair so don’t freak out lol) I wore it like this for a while and don’t think that people didn’t make remarks about it. I just let them stare and talk all they wanted. I didn’t let it phase me one bit. The way I saw it was if they couldn’t accept it or try to understand it, then I obviously didn’t need them in my life. I know, I know your thinking “Wait it’s just hair?”, “Why so dramatic?”. Well let me tell ya why.

  1. Yes, it is JUST HAIR . That’s my point! If they cause such a big deal about how they don’t like it or they “do not approve” of it, then that right there just tells me they are looking for something ,regardless how small it is, to be able to pick apart.
  2. With that being said I know that I don’t want people like that in my life. Those people are toxic and only want you to feel less than them, and I’m not going to feel bad for excluding them in my life. I only have time for good vibes and positive impacts!
  3. And lastly if someone wants to be in my life or a part of it I expect them to accept me as me just how I accept them for them. I don’t try to question people and why they are the way they are. I’m sure in time when they feel comfortable enough they will either tell me on their own or it will just unveil itself.

Anyways….back to hair! 😉 I left my hair like that for about a year and then I started to let the shaved part grow out for a while. Once the top got long enough I ended up cutting off the length :/ I know lol scary right? 42 But it didn’t turn out bad lol. After that I decided to stay short but to at the same time let the top of the shaved part grow out more and while doing that wrap around the shaved portion giving myself an undercut. Except my undercut is a lot higher than most girls because I like to be different and challenge myself on trends/styles. Now I will tell you that these pictures do get better as far as quality lol I promise. The pics below are an idea of what I’m trying to describe to ya. Oh and you’ll notice I change my hair color a lot lol

So I rocked the short blonde/undercut for a while until about the time my little bro was like, ” I’m getting married and we want you to be the matron of honor” and I was like, “OMG heck yes I will!”  and he was like, “One thing though…no crazy colors in your hair. We only want brown and blonde tones in the hair. Also you’re gonna need to pick out a hairstyle with a braid of some kind in it.” lol I wasn’t happy at first about this but it didn’t take long for me to snap out of it lol, like, its my little bro’s wedding of course I’ll do it, I’d do anything for that boy. So with their wedding being like 10 months away I started down the road to growing my hair out and finding a suitable hair color. I actually started to take biotin to help with the growth process. It helped a lot I highly recommend it. Well once the wedding got to be about 2 weeks away I finally settled on a color it was an auburn brown.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It turned out pretty good I think. Especially that braid right along the undercut noice! That was in August 2016. My hair has gotten longer and the undercut is still there. I have decided to try to grow it back though. Haha I know at the beginning of this I was rambling about why I cut it off in the first place. Believe me I have heard it from everyone. But as a female…wait scratch that as a human it is in our nature to want what we don’t have 🙂 So I miss my full head of hair and I miss being able to do a bunch of different things with it. My curls aren’t as bouncy anymore like they were back in 2011. Or at least they don’t look like it since my hair is way thinner now. Like I said with a lot of thought (pretty much a couple of months worth) I have come to the conclusion that I’m gonna grow it back out. You might see some progress posts about this or some new pictures on my Instagram.


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